Explore in Desktop Mode

Desktop users are restricted to using their keyboard and mouse to do things in High Fidelity. On this page, you can find all of the shortcuts so that you can enjoy your experience in High Fidelity to the fullest.


The shortcuts below are for Windows and Linux computers. If you’re running on a Mac, use the same commands, substituting the Command key for the Ctrl key.

Movement Controls

Action Key
Walk Forward W or UP ARROW
Walk Backward S or DOWN ARROW
Run Hold SHIFT while using any shortcut to walk
Side Step to the Left Q or Right Click + A
Side Step to the Right E or Right Click + D
Turn Left A or LEFT ARROW
Turn Right D or RIGHT ARROW
Fly Hold SPACE or PGUP
Fly Down C or PGDN

In-World Controls

Action Key
Handshake X
Enable Privacy Bubble CTRL + N
Open Tablet TAB (when ‘Desktop becomes toolbar’ is not checked)
Open Browser CTRL + B
Toggle ‘Away from Keyboard’ ESC
Toggle ‘Mute Mic’ CTRL + M
Toggle ‘Show Statistics’ /

Camera Controls

Action Key
First Person View 1
Third Person View 3
Mirror View 2
Take Screenshot P

Avatar Sizing Controls

Action Key
Decrease Avatar Size -
Increase Avatar Size +
Reset Avatar Size =

Create and Edit Mode

These controls work when the Create app is open.

Action Key
Undo CTRL + Z
Redo CTRL + Y
Delete Entity DEL
Focus on Selected Entity F
Align Grid to Bottom of Selected Entities G
Duplicate Entity ALT + Left Click + Drag
Parent Entity CTRL + P
Unparent Entity CTRL + SHIFT + P
Copy Entity CTRL + C
Paste Entity CTRL + V
Toggle Global/Local Translation T