API Reference

Under Construction: We're currently working on creating an API Reference where you can access functions and events easily.

Check out our latest API Reference here. We're doing our best to keep this reference up-to-date with each release. If you don't find information you are looking for, contact us at docs@highfidelity.io.

The following table displays how complete the API reference is. We will be updating this list as we add new API and update existing ones.

API List of Properties and Functions Extended Descriptions
Account Yes Yes
Animation Cache Yes (no events) No
Audio Scope Yes No
Audio Stats Yes No
Avatar Bookmarks Yes No
Avatar Inputs Yes No
Avatar List Yes No
Avatar Manager Yes No
Camera Yes Yes
Clipboard Yes Yes
Controller Yes Yes
Entities Yes Yes
Face Tracker Yes No
Global Services Yes No
HMD Yes Partial
LOD Manager Yes No
Menu Yes Yes
Messages Yes No
Model Yes No
Model Cache Yes No
MyAvatar Yes Yes
Overlays Yes No
Quaternion Yes Yes
Recording Partial No
Reticle Yes No
Scene Yes No
Script Yes Partial
Script Discovery Service Yes No
Sound Cache Yes Partial
Speech Recognizer No No
User Activity Logger Yes No
Users Yes Yes
Vec3 Yes Yes
Window Yes No
Path Yes Yes
Picks Yes Yes
Google Poly API Yes Yes