Add an Entity Property

Checklist to Add Entity Property

Follow this checklist when adding a new entity property.


In libraries/entities/src/EntityItemProperties.h, add a ENTITY_ITEM_XXX default value.

EntityPropertyList enum

In libraries/entities/src/EntityPropertyFlags.h, add a new PROP_XXX entry to the EntityPropertyList enum.

EntityItemProperties class

In libraries/entities/src/EntityItemProperties.h and .cpp add the following items:

  • Add DEFINE_PROPERTY_REF or DEFINE_PROPERTY macro to EntityItemProperties header
  • Add COPY_PROPERTY_TO_QSCRIPTVALUE macro to EntityItemProperties::copyToScriptValue
  • Add COPY_PROPERTY_FROM_QSCRIPTVALUE macro to EntityItemProperties::copyFromScriptValue
  • Add APPEND_ENTITY_PROPERTY macro to EntityItemProperties::encodeEntityEditPacket
  • Add READ_ENTITY_PROPERTY_TO_PROPERTIES macro to EntityItemProperties::decodeEntityEditPacket
  • Add CHECK_PROPERTY_CHANGE macro to EntityItemProperties::getChangedProperties
  • Add _xxxChanged = true to EntityItemProperties::markAllChanged
  • Add ADD_PROPERTY_TO_MAP macro to EntityItemProperties::entityPropertyFlagsFromScriptValue
  • Add entry to EntityItemProperties::listChangedProperties()

EntityItem or derived class

If the property you are adding are only applies to a specific type of entity, add this to the EntityItem derived class. Otherwise, add it directly to the EntityItem class.

  • Add _xxx member variable
  • Add getXXX() and setXXX() methods
  • Add COPY_ENTITY_PROPERTY_TO_PROPERTIES macro to getProperties method
  • Add SET_ENTITY_PROPERTY_FROM_PROPERTIES macro to setProperties method
  • Add READ_ENTITY_PROPERTY macro to readEntitySubclassDataFromBuffer method
  • Add PROP_XXX to requestedProperties in getEntityProperties method
  • Add APPEND_ENTITY_PROPERTY macro to appendEntityData method (if in EntityItem) or appendSubclassData method (if in EntityItem derived class)


Add the following items to the libraries/networking/src/udt/PacketHeaders.h and cpp files.

  • Add new value to the PacketVersion enum
  • In the versionForPacketType function, return the new version number when packetType is EntityAdd, EntityEdit or EntityData.