Hosting an Avatar on the Marketplace Backend

Learn how to host your avatar on the Marketplace backend.


You can host your avatar for free using the Marketplace backend. The Marketplace contains a filesystem which you can use privately, without showing or selling your product on the Marketplace. Just upload your avatar files and keep it in Draft mode (do not press Submit for Review).

Hosting Your Avatar On The Marketplace Backend

  1. Configure and package your avatar using Edit > Package Model as .fst > Avatar with Head.
  2. Note the name of the folder it creates. It will contain the FBX file and folders containing any textures or scripts.
  3. Go to to create a new item.
  4. Name your project so you can find it in My Items later on and press Save Draft.
  5. The Marketplace file manager will appear. Press the Choose File button.
  6. Select your avatar .fst file and start uploading to the file manager.
  7. Press the New Folder button and give the folder the same name used in Step 2.
  8. With the new folder selected and highlighted in blue, press the Choose File button.
  9. Select the contents of your folder from Step 2 and wait for the file(s) to upload. They should appear inside the folder you created.
  10. Press Save Draft. (Do not press Submit for Review).
  11. Select the .fst file in the file manager and press the Copy URL button.
  12. Open High Fidelity and go to Settings > Avatar.
  13. Paste the URL in the Appearance field and press save.
  14. If you like, bookmark the avatar using Avatar > Bookmark Avatar.

If you would like to certify ownership of your avatar, or upload your avatar for sale, you can submit it for certification. For more information on certification, go here.