Collision Sounds

Add collision sounds to entities.


Entities have the ability to add a collision sound in the properties which will cause the entity to emit a sound every time the entity comes in contact, or collides, with another entity.

Make a Floor

We'll start by making a floor to bounce something off.

  • Create a Box Entity.
  • Select the Properties tab.
  • Change the Dimensions to about 10m wide, 1m high and 10m deep (X:10, Y:1, Z:10).
  • Drag it down to the ground level. This will be our floor.

Add a Ball

  • Start by standing on the floor entity and create a Sphere Entity.
  • Change the Color of the sphere to something other than red.

Set "Collisions" to Active

  • Scroll down and find the check box for Collisions will Move, put a check in there.
  • The entity is now set to respond to collisions.

Applying the Sound URL to the Entity

The URL to a sound is set in the entity's properties as the Collision Sound URL . The sound must be a .wav file, uncompressed, 48Khz, 16 bit. The URL can be either a web address, or an ATP reference to the assets on this domain server.

For this example, copy the following link and paste it into the space for Collision Sound URL:

Making the Ball Move

Find Gravity and change the value for Y to -5. This will cause it to fall a little more slowly than things on earth (use -9.8 if you want that). Gravity is in units of meters/second^2^.

As soon as you click off, the gravity will cause the ball to fall downwards. When it hits the floor, it should stop or bounce a little and the sound should play.

You can just keep picking it up and dropping it to hear the sound again.

You can duplicate the balls by ALT + Drag and then knock them into each other to get more sounds.