Particle Entities

Create and edit particle entities.


Particle entities are used to create effects made up of many small parts, such as fire, smoke, or falling leaves. We'll walk you through creating and editing a particle entity.

Create a Particle Entity

Go to Create and select the Particle icon.

A particle entity first appears as a fountain of small white particles.


Particle entities have the properties common to all entities as well as additional particle specific properties.

To edit the particle entity, select the Particle Explorer tab. This is indicated by a small particle icon on the top-right hand corner of your tablet.

Click on open controls to see the entity's properties.

The Color property appears in both, the Properties tab and the Particle Explorer tab. This is the same property. But, when you change the value in one tab, the value isn’t updated in the other. it is reflected in both places only once you select another entity and then re-select the particle entity.

Below is an image of a particle entity with a different color.