Manage Notifications

Learn how to manage your notification settings.


This page talks about the default script in Interface that generates and manages notifications.

Notifications Generated

When you first start Interface, it runs a number of default scripts designed to improve the experience. One of these scripts, notifications.js, generates notifications about system changes. It also adds a new menu item, Tools > Notifications, that allows you to play a sound when a specific type of notification is received.

By default, you'll receive notifications when:

  • The snapshot app is used.
  • If there are errors when you're editing in a domain.
  • The level of detail that can be rendered falls below a certain threshold.
  • A network connection has been refused.
  • When the tablet needs your attention.
  • When you make a new connection or receive notifications from your connections.

Notifications appear as text on a semi-transparent panel.

These notification panels disappear after a few seconds, but they can also be immediately dismissed by clicking the X in the upper right hand corner of the notification.

Play Notification Sounds

You can specify if you want notification sounds to be played. Go to Tools > Notifications > Play Notification Sounds. If notification sounds are enabled, Play Notification Sounds will be checked.

Using the Tools > Notifications menu, you can also select which types of notification will generate a sound when received. A check next to the notification type indicates that a sound will be played.