Watch Synced Videos in High Fidelity

Learn how you can share a synced video and watch videos at the same time as your friends (in High Fidelity).


If you've ever wanted to watch a video simultaneously with your friends, you can now do that in High Fidelity using a syncing service called Sync Video. Additionally, you can follow these instructions to stream using Screenleap.

Syncing and Sharing Videos

  • Go to and click "Create new room".
  • You will be redirected to a page where you can add a link for a video (YouTube or Vimeo only).
  • Now, just copy the URL of the webpage. This is the link you will need to share with other users.
  • Add a video link and press "Play".

To watch the video in High Fidelity:

  • In High Fidelity, pull up your tablet and click "Create".
  • Add a web entity by clicking "Web" and changing the source link to the copied Sync Video URL.
  • Exit "Create" mode and click "Join" on the popup in the web entity to watch the video.
  • You will be watching the video simultaneously with the video being played in Sync Video.