Shapes: Create in VR

Learn how you can download and use the Shapes app.


Learn how you can download and use the new Shapes app from the marketplace.


Shapes lets you add and edit basic shapes (entities) in High Fidelity. You can use Shapes only in VR mode.

Get Shapes

  • In Interface, pull up your tablet and go to Market.
  • Search for Shapes and get it.
  • You will be prompted about running the Shapes script. Click "Yes" and check your tablet to see if the Shapes app has been added.

Using Shapes

  • Click on Shapes on your tablet.
  • A Tools menu and Create palette will be attached to your non-dominant hand. You can set your dominant hand by going to Settings > Avatar > Dominant Hand.

Using the Create Palette

  • Click on one of the shapes to create and add that entity.
  • The entity will be created at your hand. You can grab it by pressing the trigger on your controller.

Using the Tools Menu

Once you create an entity, you can edit its properties using the Tools menu.

  • You can see the tools available on the Tools menu in the image below.
  • Activate a tool by clicking its button. You'll see an icon representing the tool you selected on your dominant hand.
  • You can deactivate a tool by hovering over the title bar and clicking "Back".
  • Color: You can choose a color for your entity by pointing your laser at "Color" in the Tools menu and dipping your finger or stylus in the color of your choice. You can even create color swatches for yourself.
  • Stretch: You can change the dimensions of your entity by stretching it. Select "Stretch" to see the handles on your entity that you can pull it using your controllers.
  • Clone: You can clone your entity using the "Clone" tool. Select "Clone", point your laser at your entity and pull out its clone.
  • Group: You can group two or more entities together for easier editing. Select "Group" and then select all the entities you want to group.
  • Physics: You can modify the physics (behavior of your entity in space) using the "Physics" tool. Select "Physics" to see the variety of options available to you.
  • Delete: You can delete an entity by selecting "Delete" and then selecting the entity you want to delete.