Frequently Asked Questions


Can I sell my items?

Not yet. The Marketplace is still young and we have not yet built the infrastructure required to buy and sell items for money. For the time being, every item is shared free of cost.

How are my items protected?

As part of the upload process, you can set the Creative Commons license appropriate for your work and everyone who uses your item agrees to abide by that license when they download it. For more information about Creative Commons and the licenses they define, click here.

What file types are accepted?

  • For models: .FBX and .OBJ
  • For images/textures: .JPG, .PNG, and .TGA
  • For audio: .WAV (Mono or Stereo or Ambisonic, 16-bit at 24 or 48 Khz)

Can I change parts of an item after it's been approved?

Yes. Active items can be edited to a limited extent without requiring re-submission, but changes to an item's assets or content file will require re-submission for review.

Why did I get an error message during the upload process?

If you experience an error that impacts your upload of files, there are several possible causes:

  • If you have a browser open to the edit page for an item for more than twelve hours without saving or refreshing, your session token will expire. Refreshing the page and saving your work at regular intervals will prevent this.
  • If you chose a folder name or uploaded a file with a name uses characters prohibited by our file system ( !, -, _, ), (, ., *, ') you will get an error.

Are my assets cached?

Assets are specifically not cached while an item's status is 'Draft' or 'In Review', but once an item is approved, assets related to that item are cached.