Marketplace Submission Guidelines

Thanks for considering submitting your content to the High Fidelity Marketplace! Our Marketplace is the best way to share your work, spread ideas, and enrich the metaverse with your creations.

For the best experience possible, and to make the approval process go quickly, we kindly ask that you read and observe the following Marketplace Submission Guidelines before your submission.

Types of Submissions


  • Use only content which you are legally entitled to. Since everything on the Marketplace is Creative Commons, be sure that all and any content you are using is compatible with the respective license.

  • Do not use a code obfuscator, our review team needs to be able to read your scripts.

  • Audio should sound clean and be 32 bit, 48 khz wav files

  • No external references. All assets used in the project must be located within your High Fidelity marketplace project. It may not reference external scripts, models, textures, sounds, etc. This is to protect the integrity of the product as well as the safety and privacy of the end user.

  • If your item is an object that must be rezzed by a script, attach that script to a dummy object, export it as a .JSON and use that as your main file.

  • Use logical entity naming that identifies your entities with the Marketplace item whence they came. All entities must have a name, even if they are invisible or simple primitives.

  • Please take the time to make an attractive and informative key image for your product.

    • Your key image needs to be a 1472 x 828 PNG file.
  • Please use English in your package description, support text, and code comments.
    • If needed, you may use HTML tags in your description text.
    • We recommend to link to your website, email, social media or other resource.