Groups and Lists

Learn about social organization in High Fidelity.


Groups and lists are the basic units of social organization in High Fidelity. Groups and lists are structured like MMORPG guilds and white/blacklists, respectively. Users can buy a group or list on, invite others to it, and edit others' permissions within the group or list.

High Fidelity is working on adding group and list integration to the Domain Server, letting domain operators exert fine-grained control over who is allowed on their domain, and what they can do.

Differences Between Groups and Lists

There are a few differences between groups and lists:

  • Group members will join by invitation.
    • Group members will have the option to reject an invitation, and not be a part of the group.
    • Group members may also leave the group at any time.
    • A group is visible to anyone who is invited, so you will know if you are a member or not.
  • List members can be added without notice.
    • List members will be added to the group by administrators of the group. They may not reject their addition to the group.
    • A list is only visible to those members who have permissions within it.

These differences are meant to allow a list to be used as a white/blacklist, without alerting those within the list to their membership.

Starting a Group or List

You can purchase either here with your High Fidelity account. Once purchased, you'll need to select how to use it, as a group or a list. Currently, the selection you make will be permanent. If you buy and make a group, you will not be able to convert it to a list later (and vice versa). You also can't delete this purchase, nor can you transfer the group or list to another user.

Once you've made your selection, you can start adding members. On the group (or list) screen, you will be able to see if a member has accepted your invitation, and you will be able to assign ranks to members to give them different permissions within the groups. These permissions (and the abilities they grant) are:

  • Edit Group: edit group/list description and image.
  • Edit Rank: add/remove/reorder ranks, and edit their permissions. Users will only be able to edit those ranks below their own.
  • List Ranks: view all ranks.
  • List Permissions: view all ranks and their permissions.
  • Edit Member: add/remove users to the group/list, and edit their ranks. Users will only be able to assign ranks below their own.
  • List Members: view all members.
  • Query Member: ask if a specific user is a member of a group, and his/her rank.

Certain permissions depend on others, and will be automatically added. If you give a user a Query Member rank, List Ranks will be added as well.

Share a group or list

You can share a group or list by adding the user you'd like to share with as a member. If they want to use it for their domain security, you'll need to give them the Query Member permission, at the very least.

Add my groups or lists to Your Domain

Currently, you can add (or remove) permissions to a group/list, by rank, on the Domain Server Settings page.

Once your group/list expires, the name will be open for anyone to renew. You may renew your group/list up to thirty days before its expiration.