Add Your Audio

Once you’ve created music or ambient sounds for your domain, you need to add the sound and its assets to the Marketplace. To sell audio on the marketplace, you will need the following assets:

  • WAV or MP3 file
  • Script file (sound emitter script)
  • FBX file (for the entity to which you will attach the sound emitter script)
  • JSON file

On This Page

Prepare Your Script File

  1. In Interface, pull up your HUD or Tablet and go to Create.
  2. Click on the entity you previously created to edit its properties.
  3. In the ‘Properties’ tab, scroll down to ‘Script’ and your script’s path or URL.
  4. Test your script file to see if your audio plays in High Fidelity.

If you don’t have a sound emitter script, you can create one by modifying this sample: soundLoopEmitter.js.

Add Your Assets

If your model could be re-imported without any issues, it is now ready to be uploaded to High Fidelity.

  1. Go to to create a new item. If you’re not logged in, you will be prompted to do so.
  2. Enter your audio’s name and select your category as ‘Audio’. You can add the metadata now or later.
  3. Click ‘Save Draft’.
  4. Scroll down to the ‘Assets’ section.
  5. Click ‘Choose Folder’ and navigate to where your 3D model and audio file have been saved on your computer. Upload all related folders, including your FBX file and script file (in the scripts folder).
  6. Click your uploaded FBX file and copy the new Marketplace URL for the FBX file.

Upload Your Item’s JSON File

  1. In High Fidelity, verify that your model looks correct. Open the Create Tools app, then click ‘Import Entities (.JSON)’ and navigate to your model’s JSON file.
  2. Go to If you’re not logged in, you will be prompted to do so.
  3. Click on your user name, then on ‘My Items’.
  4. Locate your Audio in Draft mode and click on it.
  5. Click ‘Edit’.
  6. In the ‘Assets’ section, click ‘Choose Files’ and navigate to where your model’s JSON file is saved on your computer. Select your JSON file, click ‘Open’ and wait for it to upload.
  7. Click the JSON file as your root file in the Asset Viewer.
  8. Save your submission.

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