Marketplace Bill of RightsΒΆ

The Marketplace Bill of Rights states the privileges given to our creators and the rights High Fidelity holds over content.

High Fidelity will:

  • Enforce the Marketplace Guidelines fairly, without giving preference or other advantages to High Fidelity staff or affiliates.
  • Review all submissions within seven (7) business days of their submission to the Marketplace, and communicate the result of the review to the creator.
    • If 7 business days is not possible, we will contact the seller within this time frame to discuss any problems.
  • Keep content in Draft mode accessible for 30 days. If an item is in Draft mode for longer than this, it will be removed. We strongly recommend keeping local backups of your content for this reason.
  • Take action when we detect manipulative Marketplace practices, such as, but not limited to:
    • Flooding the market with sub-par items
    • Pricing manipulation
    • Misleading description and other presentation inconsistencies
    • Attempting to maliciously break or hack the Marketplace
  • Notify Marketplace creators via email and/or the High Fidelity forums in cases of major changes of policy, extended Marketplace downtime, and delays in review time.
  • Ensure that no offensive, sexual, or generally NSFW content appears on the Marketplace and guarantee that anywhere this kind of content exists has ample warnings requiring explicit permission.

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