High Fidelity Coins

High Fidelity Coins is a cryptocurrency that is empowered by blockchain technology.

We are currently giving out the currency for anyone interested in participating in the closed beta for High Fidelity Commerce. These coins are to be used as currency for any commerce transactions in the Marketplace. Since we are using blockchain technology, all transactions with HFCs will be publicly recorded and stored.

Your HFC and transactions is accessed by logging into your High Fidelity account, then opening the Inventory app. In addition, you will be assigned a random Security Picture, which serves as an extra layer of security for your account. When you see your Security Picture, you know that your actions and data are securely making use of your account. You are able to change your Security Picture at any time by go to Settings > Security.

HFC is not intended for speculators to hold and should be used in transactions in High Fidelity. HFC is intended to be a stable currency and used to support a healthy and vibrant virtual economy for digital goods and assets.