PoP License and Certificate

Learn more about the PoP license and certification.


High Fidelity is using a Proof of Provenance License (PoP License) and certification to protect any digital goods or assets that you have created and sold.

When a user puts up an item for review on the Marketplace, it has to be approved by the digital asset registry to ensure that it is functional, that it is not obviously violating copyright laws, and that it is not a copy of any other item previously approved by the registry.

Once an item is approved by the registry, you (the user) will receive a PoP Certificate of edition 0 of the item. This Certificate contains static properties about the item and cannot be altered. This means all the descriptors will always remain the same and your item's Cificate cannot be changed. It can only be changed when the PoP Certificate is transferred.

If you place this item on sale on the Marketplace, any other users purchasing your item will receive subsequent editions of your item. Every time a user purchases your item, it is certified and cryptographically signed by the Marketplace. The PoP Certificate proves that you possess an item through legal means.