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High Fidelity Spatial Audio Client API Documentation

The High Fidelity Spatial Audio Client API allows developers to integrate High Fidelity's spatial audio technology into their projects.

API Modules

The API code consists of several modules, including:


Methods on the HiFiCommunicator class allow developers to perform many actions, including:

  • connectToHiFiAudioAPIServer(): Connect to and disconnect from the High Fidelity Audio Server
  • setInputAudioMediaStream(): Set a new input audio media stream (for example, when the user's audio input device changes)
  • updateUserDataAndTransmit(): Update the user's data (position, orientation, etc) on the High Fidelity Audio Server


This module contains several classes, all of which are relevant to data about a user in the virtual 3D environment.

For example, the HiFiAudioAPIData class contains all of the data that is sent to and received from the High Fidelity Audio Server.

HiFiAudioAPIData.position is an instantiation of the Point3D class, which defines a position in 3D space.


To get started quickly with the High Fidelity Audio Client API, it is not necessary to learn about any other modules! Overviews of other modules can be found on that module's documentation page.

Walkthrough Guides

Walkthrough guides of sample applications written in plain Web JavaScript and written in NodeJS are available at highfidelity.com/api/guides.



npm install hifi-spatial-audio

Then, import the necessary modules into your NodeJS application using code at the top of your file like:

const { Point3D, HiFiCommunicator } = require("hifi-spatial-audio");

Plain Web JavaScript

Import the latest version of the main library with:

<script src="https://hifi-spatial-audio-api.s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/releases/latest/HighFidelityAudio-latest.js"></script>

We also maintain and supply an optional "High Fidelity Controls" library that can be used to more quickly integrate human interface device controls into a Web application. Import the latest version of the High Fidelity Controls library with:

<script src="https://hifi-spatial-audio-api.s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/releases/latest/HighFidelityControls-latest.js"></script>