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Interface HiFiConnectionAttemptResult

A HiFiConnectionAttemptResult is returned by the Promise that is created when HiFiCommunicator.connectToHiFiAudioAPIServer() is called.


  • HiFiConnectionAttemptResult



Optional audionetInitResponse

audionetInitResponse: any

audionetInitResponse is information that gets returned by the High Fidelity server when a connection is made. It is primarily used for debugging and includes information about the server build version and other details. This will not be set if there is an error when connecting to the server.

Optional disableReconnect

disableReconnect: boolean

disableReconnect will be present and 'true' on a failed connection attempt or disconnect if reconnects should not be performed. This typically happens during a kick operation.

Optional error

error: string

error will be an error message when success is false. Sometimes when success is true there may also be a message in here, in which case the message is informational only. (For instance, if you attempt to connect using a HiFiCommunicator that's already connected, it will resolve with success = true, but will also have a message in error about it being already connected.)


success: boolean

success will be true if the connection attempt was successful (and the Promise was resolved) or false if it was unsuccessful and the Promise was rejected.