Sell Your Items

Learn how to upload items (to sell) to the Marketplace


Learn how you can upload your items to the Marketplace and be made available for purchase to all users in High Fidelity.


If you've created a 3D Model or written a script, you can make it available for other users to download.

In the future, we will be including a fee to post your item for sale on the Marketplace. Check out our fee structure here. Currently, there is no fee to post your item to the Marketplace.

Let's go through the process of uploading an item to Marketplace!

We're going to upload a model of a water fountain. This process covers three major steps:

  • Starting the process of adding the item in Marketplace.
  • Using Interface to get the .JSON file.
  • Uploading to Marketplace.

Adding an Item to Marketplace

  • Go to High Fidelity's Marketplace on the web.

  • Log in with your credentials if you haven't.

  • The page displays different items available in Marketplace and the various categories they fall under.

  • Click on the "+ New Item" button below the categories.

  • The page that opens contains details of your item that you can start filling in. Don't upload your model's .fbx file yet.

  • You can add the name of your model, it's description and image. Enter the price you want to sell your model at (in HFC).

  • Quantity: The quantity here determines how many copies of your item can be sold. If you leave it as its default value of "-1", you are allowing an unlimited number of your items to be available for purchase. You can also choose Item is a limited edition to ensure that only a specific number of copies of your item are available for purchase. If you enter a number, say 25, you are saying that only 25 copies of your item will be available for purchase.

  • Follow the steps in the next few pages to complete putting up your item for purchase on the Marketplace.