Test Your Items

Once you have created an item, you can test it prior to submitting it to Marketplace using the Marketplace Item Tester. All kinds of content can be tested, including applications, avatars, content sets, entities, and wearables.

Using the Marketplace Item Tester

The Marketplace Item Tester lets you test your creations prior to uploading them to the Marketplace. Using it, you can verify that you item works the way you expected, and does not have any script errors.

  1. In Interface, open the Developer menu and go to Marketplace Item Tester.
  2. You can load items in two different ways:
    • Click "Load File" to load an item from your local computer or network. Browse to your file to open it.
    • Click "Load URL" to load an item hosted in the cloud.
  3. Next to the item you loaded, you will see an icon indicating the type of content. If it is incorrect (or we fail to identify it), you can change it using the dropdown list.



    Content Set



  4. Click the icon to load your content in world.