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The Platform for Social VR

Join our community of creators and VR enthusiasts, building and bringing to life their own VR experiences. High Fidelity enables people connected by interest, community, and friendship to come together from anywhere in the world.


High Fidelity is a distributed, open source platform--a network of connected, user-owned virtual reality environments, each created using a shared set of technologies. The platform provides built-in social features, including spatialized audio, avatar support, and interactive physics, along with the ability to import any 3D object into a virtual environment, directly from your desktop or the Internet.

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You can create a virtual reality space on your own computer or deploy to the cloud. High Fidelity's Marketplace for virtual goods contains free and for-sale items to help you begin building your world. You can install High Fidelity now, or check out our documentation on creating your own cloud server, working with JavaScript to build interactive objects, or creating a new avatar.

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